uPVC Door

Having beautiful uPVC doors makes your home welcoming and allows you to add your own personal style to your home space. However, beauty is not all that you need; quality is equally important, if not more. The right door material will bring a sense of security and structural integrity to the overall home design.

Looking back a few years ago, aluminium and timber wood used to be a preferred choice of material, but now uPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride has become the latest customer choice thanks to its many benefits. Some of these benefits are that uPVC doors are durable, affordable, and versatile.

UPVC: Why All the Hype?

The uPVC doors and uPVC windows are in the spotlight as homeowners and construction companies worldwide prefer uPVC for doors. Due to the versatile designs and sturdy nature of these doors, homeowners rely on this material to add the element of safety and security to their house without losing the aesthetic appearance of their home.

UPVC gets its strength from vinyl polymer that is bonded with chlorine, resulting in a non-plastic material. It is then mixed with steel or aluminium to develop a rigid structure, commonly used for doors and windows today.

Here is why you should consider a uPVC door and frame for your home:

A Secure House

Locks sure make you feel safe, but a solid, sturdy uPVC front door makes you feel safer. The resilient nature of uPVC coupled with anti-crowbar handles makes them highly burglar-proof and quite difficult to break.

Moreover, uPVC has the potential to resist the ever-changing weather and fire retardant, so it won’t easily catch fire; making uPVC doors ‘the most logical pick’ for your home in terms of security.

Versatile Designs And Coloured UPVC Doors

Need a solid vintage-looking doors for your homes internal doors or perhaps a UPVC French door? How about a sliding door for your patio? These days UPVC front doors and windows aren’t just plain white, there are countless choices, unlimited styling options, a wide variety of coloured UPVC doors are available. The smooth texture that ensures easy cleaning are all factors that make uPVC a fantastic material for your home doors.

Our Company Offers UPVC Bifold Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors And More

uPVC is highly versatile in terms of styling. From French doors UPVC bifold doors to casements to lift and slide doors,or pretty much whatever style of door you can think of as uPVC can be moulded into any design, providing you with a wide range of options to choose from. We will fit your doors and windows too in order to ensure that they are hung correctly and open easily as they should do.  We can also offer different accessories like handles and locks etc.

Improved Insulation

Unlike wood and aluminium, uPVC can help you feel comfortable in any weather condition providing sufficient insulation to your home so this should help reduce heating bills in the winter. As a front door made of uPVC retains heat during winters, and the airtight seal formed by the uPVC door also prevents dampness, and impeding the growth of mould.

Also, the tight seal significantly reduces the noise coming from outside. With uPVC doors in your house, you can enjoy your personal space at home confidently.

Front Doors And Windows Built To Last

Just like your home, doors are a significant investment. Choosing high-quality and durable material ensures your investment will withstand the test of time and natural elements. uPVC is strong and durable compared to its counterparts. A uPVC door is sturdy, can resist changing weather and prevents mould growth, making it a wise option for any home.

UPVC Is An Affordable Option

uPVC has a low production cost which ultimately makes these doors inexpensive yet effective. uPVC doors are best if you want to save without compromising quality.

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